Scratched new wood floor

Q: I moved a heavy plant and scratched my newly done wood floor. There were gliders that were supposed to prevent scratching. They are fine scratches, but there are quite a few. They are just in a small area of the floor, but they are white scratches.

My housekeeper tried to use the rough side of a scrounge pad to get them off, which also dulled the finish a bit. The floor guy left me some of the poly, but I am not sure what to do with it.

A: With fine sandpaper, fully scuff the finish to de gloss it and set up a mechanical bond. (such a bond, really is the next coat of finish adhering to the scratches put in the finish by buffing). Do the entire board for each one affected by the scratches. Apply a thin coat. Tape off the boards if needed to avoid over brushing onto the adjacent pieces if need be. But remove the tape as soon as you have applied the coat of finish.

Follow-up Q: I am sorry, but what do you mean by “buffing”? Thank you so much for your help.

A: I mean to thoroughly sand the finish surface. Not to totally remove the coating, but to rub it down enough so that another coat of finish will adhere. If you miss a spot it will likely peel off.