How to save the subflooring while removing glued down hardwood?

Q: I am removing oak hardwood floors in my ’89 home that are glued down onto particle board subflooring. I will be replacing it with tile. There is about 300 sq. feet of hardwood flooring that needs to come up. I want to save my subfloor.

I’ve been researching methods online with little success and what I have read makes it sound like a total nightmare.

Will I be able to salvage my subflooring by carefully removing it with a prybar and hammer?

Besides using my circular saw to cut small sections at a time for removal are there any other secrets to this inevitably painful project?

A: I don’t know any secrets I’m afraid. If you ever find one for this situation, let me know.

I think I would be screwing down 3/4 plywood over top afterward, so I wouldn’t be too concerned with mucking up what you have. I can only think of one reason anyone would install such a sub floor– It was cheap.