Cold Weather and Wood Floor Refinishing

Cold weather is upon us again, the following are some tips to help your finish perform to its maximum efficiency:

Air Flow

Fresh air flow is essential to the drying and curing of

oil modified and waterborne polys. Maintain good air flow during the curing process. It is best to turn fans on the finish after it has become tack free. Check the HVAC to be sure it is running. If it’s not cold enough outside, the HVAC will only “kick-on” a couple of times during the night. PoloPlaz Super Dry can be used to prevent drying delays with oil-based stains, paints, and finishes. Note: Oil modified products are combustible, extinguish all pilot lights, open flames, etc. before applying.

Temperature & Storage

Store finish in a climate controlled environment. It takes 12-24 hours for the finish to reach room temperature if it has been stored in the truck overnight. If the finish is cold it will apply heavier and delay drying. Both drying and curing are temperature sensitive processes, each will be delayed by cold temperatures.

Although most waterborne finishes pass freeze/thaw stability tests, it is best not to freeze any waterborne finish. Freezing can destabilize the resins or additives causing poor performance. If your waterborne finish has been frozen, thaw slowly without stirring, then stir once it has completely thawed and use with caution. Always store oil based and waterborne products in a climate controlled environments.

Reprinted at Wood Flooring Guy with permission from Bill (National Sales Manager) at PoloPlaz ( Visit their site for more information.