Cleaning off scuff marks

Q: I have recently installed high gloss (1 pack high solids finish) black timber floors throughout my apartment. They are showing scuff marks.

How can I clean them without breaking my back or leaving streaks? In the low light they look gorgeous.

A: Try any polyurethane cleaners such as Bona Pacific floor cleaner, or offerings from Mirage, Basic Coatings, Poloplaz etc. You can contact the respective web sites to find out where/how to purchase in your area.

Related Q: After moving furniture I noticed scuff marks down the hallway on our dark bamboo floor. The recliner that was moved has little rubber pads that left marks. The scuff marks are only visible in certain light, but when the light is right it looks terrible. Do you have any advice on how to remove the marks?

A: I’ve seen Bona Kemi floor cleaner at Home Depot. It does a good job of removing various residue.