Little staples sunk into the wood

Q: I just bought a house that was built in 1942. I tore up the carpet in it, due to being completely nasty, and found that there was wood flooring underneath. It’s in pretty bad shape. It has paint all over it. I think it would look really nice if refinished. However, when I started to look, there are all kinds of little staples sunk into the wood.

Does this mean they’ve been sanded down too much? If not, what are they? The flooring is about 3/4″ thick. what should I do?

A: Is the wood actually the pine sub floor or is it 3/4″ thick hardwood? The staples, I presume in the top of the boards, are likely from the carpet under pad being stapled down. Not a concern. Pull as many out as possible and if any legs break off, counter sink them with a fine tip nail set.