Installing a new 3/4 inch floor on top of the old floor

Q: I have a contractor who said my hardwood floors are too thin to sand and finish. Assuming that is true, he is planning on installing a new 3/4 inch floor on top of the old floor.

First, is this normal? Or should I ask him to remove the existing floor? Secondly, any advice on choosing unfinished oak vs. pre-finished?

A: Personally, I always remove the old floor and go right down to the sub floor. Secure the sub floor and if need be, install 3/8 sheeting over that first, and then the oak floor.

Pre finished is convenient while being installed. I prefer site finished in every other way. Unlimited colour choices if you stain. No bevel on the edges, so the floor doesn’t look all broken up, but flows together and has finish coats over the entire floor surface, rather than each individual board.