Remove wax from laminate flooring; Someone used a wax product on my laminate flooring!

Q: Someone used a wax product on my laminate flooring. Since it has been put on my floor, all I see are scratches. They don’t feel like scratches– just look like scratches. They’re all over my floor. Someone said it’s the wax finish buildup causing the scratch marks.

What do I do to remove wax from laminate flooring? Should I remove the wax product from the floor? How? Washing it with soap and water did not remove the marks, or the wax finish.

A: You might want to contact the floor manufacturer. You could try any of the floor cleaners made by companies such as or It may also be worth a try with TSP or ammonia. I would try a small spot in an inconspicuous spot first.

Related Q: Can you use wax on a laminate floor? I purchased N******’s V3 floor and it looks kind of dull. I wanted a semi-gloss floor, but it wasn’t in my budget. Can you use store bought wax on this type of floor, for shininess?

A: You won’t get a semi gloss look from wax. Satin is the best mimic of a wax finish. You would be making a big mistake to wax a laminate. Consult with the manufacturer on the best way and products to clean your floor.

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