Scratches caused by furniture being dragged

Q: I have a floor that is relatively new, but it has a few scratches caused by furniture being dragged. How do I fix it?

A: If the floor is stained, you might try a color match marker. Otherwise, each board affected by the scratch should be rubbed down with fine sandpaper and coated with the appropriate sheen of finish.

Can’t find a matching marker to cover scratch

Related Q: I have scratches on the engineered hardwood floor from furniture. Scratch is penetrated only through the top glossy layer. I am attaching a picture. Please let me know how to take care of it easily.

A: People who do furniture repairs often carry a set of color markers to touch up little nicks. Maybe that would work for you?

Follow-up Q: Tried that. My wood color is Auburn. I couldn’t find a color marker that is Auburn or close to Auburn. Please let me know what are my other options.

A: Aside from trying a color match marker, the only other option I can think of is to change the panel.