Poly wore off after 6 months

Q: We removed old linoleum and found very nice pine flooring underneath. We had it sanded, stained and polyurethaned. It was beautiful– for about 6 months. All the stain has worn off. Now it’s an ugly, grey, worn floor. We were told that this was to be expected with a soft wood like pine.

Is this true? Should I try again, or plan on putting a new floor over this?

A: Was this floor sanded and stained/finished by a professional? What you should expect with such a soft wood is to get dents. What you should also expect is not to need a buff and re-coat for at least 5 years with normal foot traffic. Personally, unless you are really in love with pine (and what you had stained is actually considered a sub floor) I would likely screw 3/8 spruce sheeting over it and install a hardwood floor. But none of this has anything to do with polyurethane and stain wearing off in 6 months. That should not happen.