Minor levelling issues and wood floor installation

Q: I have opened two rooms into one and have leveled the floor using a self leveling compound (as best I can). However, the floor is still not 100% level, and there are some small differences between what was two rooms. what problems should I expect if I go ahead and lay my oak flooring using an elasticated adhesive?

Can extra adhesive be used in the area that’s not level, to try and pack it up?

A: It is usually recommended that there be no greater variation than 1/8 of an inch over 10 feet. I also don’t believe adhesive manufacturers would recommend trying to make their adhesives double as a “leveller”. what kind of floor is this? Solid 3/4 or engineered? I would not recommend glue down for solid long strip. If it is engineered, make sure you roll the floor with a weighted roller. As long as you get grab from the adhesive to both the sub floor and the back of the floor board, you should be OK. Otherwise, you will get hollow spots that have some movement in them when you step on it.