Laminate flooring starting to form large bubbles on surface of a few strips

Q: A few pieces of the laminate flooring in my house are starting to form large bubbles on the surface of a few strips, mostly close to each other. The floor has been in for about 7 years now and this is the first sign of trouble.

Do you know what could be causing this?

A: I think it is safe to conclude this is caused by moisture. Perhaps a spill has seeped between the edges of a couple of panels, and has damaged the core.

Related Q: I spilled a whole bucket of water over my laminated floor and the next day noticed bubbles had appeared. I tried drying it out with an electric heater but had no luck. Is there anything I can do? It looks so awful when the light shines on it.

A: It sounds like it is de-laminating. You will likely have to replace the damaged panels or the entire floor. I would suggest you consider a Torly’s or Quick Step laminate because of their excellent joint and superior core.