Any wood species that won’t fade much?

Q: I am installing a new kitchen. I would like to use hardwood floors throughout the great room which includes the kitchen. I also live on the water with a lot of windows and skylights. What kind of wood do you recommend, keeping in mind the fade factor?

I am looking at a Brazilian Teak or Brazilian Oak at the moment. Any thoughts?

A: I’m not yet familiar with the species you mention. It has only been in the last 10 years or so that so many exotics have started to appear in this area. Most woods will change colour from exposure to sunlight, as most items do. Some are quite rapid and extreme, such as Jatoba. It is my understanding that Cabreuva (Santos Mahogany) tends not to change nearly as much though will get darker. It offers excellent stability and durability. I personally love the look of the wood. Or you could go with a domestic species such as quarter sawn white oak.