Steam applied by an iron, to fix dent

Q: I have heard that a few drops of water or heat/steam applied by an iron, onto a towel, may help to have a dent raise up in the hardwood floor?

We have a product that states it has urethane coating to protect the top layer. A small Rollerblade sized wheel rolled across the floor and dented the wood (not so much to the touch, but to the look for sure, you can see a slight indentation.) The brand is sold by Home Depot in the USA. It is called Universal Flooring, Versa Strip Premium Hardwood Flooring w/advanced double lock system. Any suggestions?

A: I think I would live with the dent rather than scrape off the finish so that you could attempt the heat and steam trick.

Follow-up Q: I realized I never said how big and how new… The floor is 5 days old now, and the dent is 5 feet long. So, the counter top people are “willing to do whatever it takes to make me happy,” but I don’t want to live in a huge mess again while the floor is cut out, etc. I am looking for simpler options. Could I poke pinholes through the finish and have the steam go into the wood that way? I would live with a small dent or even 10 small dents… this is prettty much a huge, loooong dent. Have you heard of this trick and could it work?

A: I know a contractor who has done the steam/dent lifting on a few small spots the size of a quarter. This was on unfinished wood however, and he used a soldering iron tip. I think you will find, IF it works on a large area, will take a huge amount of time. It is far less fuss to have the boards replaced. The workers could probably leave their saw outside, and there shouldn’t be a mess at all.

Follow-up Comment: Thank you. I am needless to say, sighing. I personally would have put down a board to roll in on, and I’m not even a contractor…