Go with Duraseal’s liquid wax products

Q: I have newly installed wormy red oak floors, installed over felt paper, over a 3/4″ plywood sub-floor, over a structural concrete slab, which was covered with plastic cement and plastic sheeting (calcium chloride tests were performed and results were well within acceptable limits).┬áThe wood has not yet been sanded or finished. We would like a wax finish on these floors, and we also want to stain them.

Do you recommend a paste wax initially, or can we go with Duraseal’s liquid wax products, which can be maintained with their Renovator? Can paste wax floors be maintained with the Duraseal product?

I have personally used the Duraseal liquid wax and renovator products on the previously waxed floors, on the second floor of our home, and the products seem to work well. If you recommend the Duraseal over paste wax, can we just add the stain to the Duraseal liquid wax?

A: I would stick with the Dura Finish. You have used it and had good success. Why switch? It is a lot easier to apply than paste wax. I would stain the floor as a separate process and let it dry well before waxing. I think they also have colored wax. The problem with it is you tend to pick up the colour on your socks.

An optional finish to wax you might consider is Waterlox Tung oil based finish. Easy to apply and maintain/refresh. And if you can achieve the desired colour, can add stain to it on the first and second coats at 4:1 mix or less and simply apply. Stained and coated in one step! www.waterlox.com