Cloudy spots on hardwood floor

Q: We have 90+ year old oak hardwood in our home that was refinished 2 years ago. In two spots where the hardwood floor meets the hardwood trim, the floor has developed cloudy spots.

What could this be from, and how can we fix it?

A: I could only guess. Is it possible some type of “cleaning” product or furniture spray was used near those spots, and got on the floor? I would suggest cleaning with Bona Pacific floor cleaner.

Similar Q: I have engineered wood floors with a urethane finish. Recently I used a cleaner/polish (O***** G***), which left a cloudy residue. I have tried the Bona product and it did not remove the residue. Will vinegar and water remove this? Any other suggestions?

A: The Bona Pacific cleaner should have worked and did work for another lady last year.. Try Mineral Spirits or perhaps denatured alcohol. There are also a couple of products offered by Poloplaz which will help you. They have their own cleaner and a second product called Tie Tack. Send an email to them for their recommendation.

Related Q: I have a new maple hard wood floor and I had our cleaners apply O***** G*** cleaner and polish. It left streak marks all over the wood I can not get out. I tried a water and soap, a sponge scuff pad, and my finger nail, but nothing seems to get this off. Please let me know what you suggest.

A: Any cleaner made my floor manufacturers or floor finish manufacturers should take care of this. You can look at one such product at
They make excellent products and have both a cleaner for regular maintenance and another product called tie tack for removal of most contaminants.