Low-ball floor refinishing estimate

Follow-up Comments: Right now I am dealing with a cash settlement issue to cover the damage. The contractor for the moving company claims department estimated the cost to sand & refinish approx 500 sq ft. would be roughly $600 with 3 coats of varathane, a cost that I guessed was a low-ball.

Your estimate certainly acknowledges that.

A: $600 to sand, stain and finish an aluminum oxide coated floor? That is beyond absurd. Prices like that go back more than 30 years for a not well done natural job. Anyone who would claim that is what the cost of this job is, doesn’t know what they are talking about and doesn’t care if you end up with a butcher job.

Absolutely do not accept it, regardless of who you have doing the work, and I would not allow them to choose the company. I am all for being fare, but I don’t like seeing people taken advantage of.