Color variation in Brazilian walnut

Q: I just bought unfinished Brazilian Walnut, 5″ wide. How much color variation should Brazilian walnut have? Should there be greens and yellows and red, along with the browns?

Is it customary to stain it darker if there are too many color variations?

A: According to one excellent resource, this is what to expect from this type of wood:

“Color Range: Brazilian Walnut”
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I haven’t worked with this product yet. It isn’t actually walnut, but looks something like American walnut. American has quite a range of colour in it from light and creamy, with yellow to quite dark red, brown and orange. If you don’t like the colour range, or if some of the colours you don’t like are so prevalent as to make picking those boards out and not installing them, then you really have the wrong species of wood. I can’t yet grasp why I might install a floor like this and then not want to enjoy the rich colours it offers. As the above resource indicates, like some other exotic species, the colours will change rather rapidly with exposure to light, and become more muted.

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