Floating (glueless) engineered hardwood

Q: What do you think of floating (glueless) engineered hardwood?

A: It depends who the manufacturer is. Torly’s and Uniclick appear to make the best, while for glue down, Mirage engineered is the best I’ve used. The advantage of the floater, of course, is that you don’t have the expense of the adhesive.

Follow-up Q: I have heard of Torly’s so I will look into it a little more now that you recommend that product. As you say, the advantage of a floating floor is that I don’t have to buy the adhesive (and I’m sure I wouldn’t like the fumes either).

I was wondering whether the installation cost is lower with floating floors since the whole step of applying the adhesive is removed. Or did you mean that $3 per sq. ft. is what you charge for floating floors?

A: The installation may be about the same, but you would still save a few hundred on the adhesive.