Addition not level with house

Q: Our new room addition is not level to the existing house at both doorways, which join the two. One side is lower than the existing house, and the floorer added wedges to build it up to meet the house. They have now loosened (after 1 month), and the floorer is returning to repair it.

The larger problem is at the other doorway where the addition is higher than the existing house. There is a 1/2″ slope over a 6″ span in the doorway, which I have already slipped on. The floorer suggests removing the new vinyl flooring in the existing house, to build up the subflooring in there so it’s level, and to redo the vinyl flooring.

That solution, however, would leave us with an uneven floor at another part of the existing house to deal with. The general contractor suggests something he’s never done before-to go under the house and cut off a small amount of the pier in this area so the floor would come down and level at the doorway. We are concerned about subsequent structural problems, and we are not even sure if this would really work. Can you please offer some advice?

A: I don’t think I have any great advice to offer on this one. It seems to me that issues of this sort are structural, and so the best solution is to go directly to the problem, and fix that.