Tropical climate and wood floors

Q: We just installed N**** Floor Planks and parquet in our basement. We stained the wood and put dead flat finish as topcoat. It was 99% done, when some hairline cracks appeared, there were around 10 at first, but as the days progressed it multiplied. We sanded those parts and re-applied the top coat, but a day later, the cracks resurface and expanded?

Is there a remedy? I am based in the Philippines.

A: You are in a tropical climate. That means high humidity. I am surprised the floors gapped. I would consider it normal, and if they are hair line cracks, I don’t think I would worry too much about it. The floor will likely change with the seasons.

Related Q: I live in Tunisia where the temperatures can reach up to 48°C. Will this excessive heat affect laminate wood flooring? Any issue with tropical climate and wood floors? Many thanks.

A: A bigger issue is generally humidity, not heat. I would check the product recommendations and compare them with where you live.