Is there a product that will remove pet urine stains?

Q: Is there a product that will remove pet urine stains (black discoloration), which were found beneath carpet underlay?

The floors are 51-year-old oak hardwood, and large areas of the dining and living room are affected.

A: There are 2 component bleaches that would probably do the trick. Where to find them is any one’s guess. I haven’t used bleach in more than 20 years.

2 Component bleaches

Related Q: You mention 2 component bleaches that might remove pet stains, but I don’t understand what you mean by this? Can you clarify? Would oxalic acid work?

A: The bleaches I used many years ago were composed of a gallon of part A and a gallon of part B. Extremely corrosive and would remove the red from red oak. Oxalic acid should work.

What kind of bleaching

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: What kind of bleaching can be used to remove dark pet urine stains on hardwood floors? Tried sanding but dark places are still visible.

A: I have used floor bleach years ago. Expensive and quite corrosive. I am not even sure it is available now or whether you would be able to buy it. Somebody sent me an email representing a product called Urineoff, which they claim will remove the uric acid crystals from any material, but they don’t guarantee it will return wood to a totally stain free look. Best bet is to replace the pieces that are damaged, provided it is not all over the place.

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What do YOU do to remove pet urine stains?

Related Q: In response to a question about using wood bleach to remove dark stains from oak flooring, you said you haven’t used that method in over 20 years. So what do you do to remove the stains?

A: I change the boards.