Staining to hide dark pet urine stains

Q: I am refinishing my 45 year old oak floors. When I removed the carpet there were 3 dark stains. I figure it is pet urine. Sanding is finished, but the stains are still visible. If I apply a darker (perhaps cherry oak) stain, will it hide the urine stains or will they just get darker?

Could I apply less stain to the spots to try to even it all out?

A: I would think they will likely go darker and you may have to use a stain that is heading more towards black to hide them.

Similar Q: We recently bought a house which has manufactured light color, oak maybe, wood floors. They appear to have a layer of real hardwood on top and then about 3 layers of other type material. We have an old dog with control issues and his urine has stained the floor a darker color in spots. No bucking or other damage from the moister, but stained.

Can we stain the floor with a much darker stain like dark walnut or kona to cover/blend in with the stains and then put polyurethane on it? If so, do we need to hand sand the floor first?

A: Sorry for the delay. All existing finish and or stain has to be removed to clean wood and then stained. Going with a dark stain may or may not completely hide the pet stain. It should help to hide it. There are also tinted finishes but they really aren’t meant for floors. Perhaps if you have some extra boards you could just replace the ones damaged. This is an engineered floor.

Related Q: I have dark staining on my natural oak hardwood flooring from my dog repeatedly urinating on it. I have read the floor would have to be replaced rather than bleached or refinished. However, could I stain them darker?

A: Yes, staining dark will help to hid the marks.