Staining white oak floors dark

Q: ..what color of stain should you use for staining white oak floors dark? Such as an ebony color.

A: I don’t think I understand the nature of your question. Staining white oak is no different than staining any other hardwood floor. Pick a color you like, have the floors properly prepared for stain and then apply the stain. If you want the color to be as dark as possible, water pop the wood first. This means wetting the floor to open the grain and allowing it to dry before staining.

Staining ebony

Follow-up Q: My floor have been stained already and I do not like the color. Poly also has been applied. What do I need to do to correct this mistake? My floor color is a light walnut. I wanted a dark, ebony colour.

A: These floors will need to be sanded down to bare wood again and start from scratch.

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