How to remove oil soap residue

Q: We have Brazilian cherry wood floors that were prefinished, most likely with a urethane before installation. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of using ******’s oil soap. How do I remove oil soap residue?

Now we have cloudy smears in some areas, but still some clear areas that have that original satin sheen. What should I use to remove the cloudiness and clean and maintain the floor properly? The floor is only about 2 years old.

A: And they say their product doesn’t leave any residue! (Ya, right.) Go to your nearest floor retailer and get a gallon of Bona Pacific Floor cleaner. Mix according to label instructions. You will be impressed with this product.

Follow-up Q: Thanks! Bona Pacific is perfect. BUT, I have a whole house filled with wood flooring. I have to push the mop hard and go through about 12 washable microfiber pads. Is there a machine I could invest in to make this job easier?

A: What you can do then, is mix what you need in a bucket. Soak and then ring out well a clean towel. Wrap it around a push broom and go around the rooms like a Zamboni ice machine. I do this all the time when finishing floors (between coat cleaning) and it is really fast and pretty effortless. Always vacuum first. I wouldn’t recommend a machine because you don’t want to be applying large quantities of moisture to the floor surface.

Similar Q: I have wood flooring that I do not know how to take care of. It is Brazillian Cherry made by Hoboken Floors (out of business). I don’t know what type of cleaners, etc., to use. I have scuff marks and the floors are a little dull now. How do I find out what to use on them? Thanks.

A: Many companies who manufacture hardwood floors as well as companies who manufacture floor finish for the wood flooring industry have appropriate cleaners that won’t leave a residue. These include Poloplaz, Basic Coatings, Bona Kemi, Min Wax and Boa Franc. Do a search for any of the above companies and look over their products. See if there is a wood flooring distributor in your area. the offerings from any of these companies should remove any contaminants on the finish of your floor which are making it appear dull as well as the scuff marks.