Severe cupping

Q: We are building a new home. It is pier and beam construction. Our cherry floors were installed in Nov. and then covered with cardboard to protect them until finishing them, last month. Uncovering revealed severe cupping and the wood was above 10% moisture and could not be finished.

The flooring company suggested running heaters, which was done for 2 weeks with little result. When the contractor got the central heat running the floors began to dry out but then actually increased in moisture again. There is no water in the house or under the house. We had a lot of rain and cold in Dec. and Jan. and they are telling us this is a normal thing and the floors will be fine once dry and finished. What do you think?

A: When the floors were first installed, did anyone check the sub floor first to make sure it was within 4% of the cherry floor? If the plywood was wet, installing a floor over top would cup the floor and delay considerably the length of time it takes for the moisture to transfer through the cherry. Have you checked the RH in the home? A hygrometer and moisture meter are important tools at this point. If you have no moisture issues under the house, and no leaks from the roof or windows (this would probably cause a more localized issue) then I have to wonder about the sub floor itself.