Marks, scratches and dull streaks

Q: I have a beautiful home with hardwood floors. I also have 4 young boys who have made marks and dull streaks, and scratches from toys. What can I do, that isn’t too expensive, to make my floor look like new again?

A: Bona Kemi has a nice floor cleaner called Bona Pacific. If there are contaminants on the floor, this may explain dull streaks which the cleaner would remove. Nothing much to do with the scratches except let the finish wear (but not wear off) until you can’t stand the look of it anymore. Then have the finish buffed and re coated.

Related Q: What can I do to a fir floor in the dining area that has been scratched, scuffed, and looks terrible. The floors in the house, all fir, were sanded 8 years ago, but it is only the dining room that needs fixing.

A: It sounds like a light but thorough buffing with fine abrasive followed by at least one fresh coat of finish is in order.