Greasy residue on floors from cleaner

Q: I am using a cloth hardwood floor mop and using M*** *** on my floors. It is leaving a greasy residue that shows footprints. Why would it do this? What should I use to clean pre-finished hardwoods, without leaving spots or residue?

A: Best cleaner I’ve used is from

Floor cleaner and gloss restorer leaving residue

Related Q: My family and I bought this town home ten years ago. We are the third owners. Although I never owned hardwood floors before, they were beautiful and I thought they would be a nice change. I have been using * floor cleaner and the * gloss restorer whenever I clean them… they look awful. They are just getting worse as time goes on. Footprints never go away. Streaky, cloudy and dull. It look like I never clean them. Nothing I do makes them shine. I do not know what type of wood it is, if it has a wax, although it looks like a film is being eaten away in some areas/. The color is changing in some areas and I am getting very discouraged.

Any suggestions? Anything would be a great help. Thanks again!

A: I have heard of this product but have never used it and would never recommend such. I have two suggestions. The first is to phone the manufacturer and see what they would recommend. There are cleaners recommended for wood floors, generally made by companies that either make wood flooring or manufacture wood floor finishes and stains. These cleaners do a very good job of removing contaminants and drying rapidly without leaving any dulling residue. You could contact for example. I used to recommend Bona cleaner years ago. They now sell their cleaner through Home Depot but I think they may have changed it.

Previously recommended cleaner (see above)

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: What is the best cleaner for hardwood floors, and where do I purchase this product?

A: Woodchuck Flooring (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) carries Bona Pacific floor cleaner, which is excellent. 416-299-5151

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Many wood floor cleaners on the market

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors:  We bought a beautiful old home with wonderful wood floors throughout, which were installed in ’93. They looked pretty good when we moved in two years ago, but now they look dull and mottled. Our cleaning person uses ****** for floors and some floor dusting cloth called ********. Could they be the problem? What can we use to get the shine back?

A: There are any number of cleaners on the market, found in supermarket that say they are for hardwood floors. Your safest approach is to purchase a cleaner created by hardwood flooring manufacturers or floor finish manufacturers. This can be purchased (these products, as far as I am aware, are all basically the same) from local hardwood flooring retailers or a big box store that sells hardwood flooring. Best bet is the Hardwood retailer who specializes in hardwood.

I use “squeaky cleaner” manufactured by Basic Coatings. See their web site: Mirage cleaner is another one.

It sounds likely that the cleaners being used on your floors are leaving some sort of film on the wood surface. This can create the situation you are describing and can make buffing and recoating in the future impossible to achieve due to adhesion issues.

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