As for Waterlox, the top 5 ingredients in each can are:

Mineral Spirits
Specially Processed tung oil
Ester gum

Phenolic resin
Specially Processed Linseed Oil

It is not a pure tung oil finish. However, cooking the oil does not make tung oil “impure”. When it is heated it is called polymerized tung oil. this process helps the oil dry. They have to add mineral spirits to it at this point or it would be unworkable. It would be amazing if I could use pure tung oil on a floor. However, speaking with tech people, I have learned it won’t work. It would take at least 2 days per coat to dry. You would need at least 10 coats. This would have to be repeated every few months.

The Waterlox finish doesn’t bother me. However, it does bother others. My wife said she doesn’t know how I work with it. It gives her a head ache. So, it is probably best to vacate for a few days during staining/finishing.