Bleeding stain

Q: I recently sanded my white oak floors and used a Duraseal quick dry stain. After wiping the floor diligently and leaving it dry for 3 hrs., I returned to apply the first coat of waterborne finish. There was some bleeding of stain between boards which I wiped before applying finish. After this first coat of finish dried, I noticed more bleeding and it seemed to get worse.

Can I fix this without resanding the entire floor?

A: How did you apply the stain? I’m still doing it the old tried and true way: hands and knees with a cloth. It sucks, I know, but at least you apply only the amount of stain you need, without flooding the floor. My guess is you are going to have to sand the floor again. I believe if you don’t, and if you don’t let the stain dry between the boards you will end up with one or both of the following: water borne finish will peel and/or poly beads on board edges.

Some of the dark colours of these stains are so thick you can’t even get the stain to transfer from the cloth to the floor.