Hardwax oil finish

Q: Are you familiar with O*** P**** oil? How does it compare to Waterlox? I really like the look and benefits (easily repairable) of a hardwax oil finish.

It seems technology has made even this type of floor low maintenance.

A: I have a friend in England who uses Osmo oil and says it is a nice finish, but takes 28 days to cure. I’ve not used their products but have used Waterlox. This tung oil based finish is very easy to apply and re coat when the time is needed. No buffing needed to gain adhesion. It is a grainy look compared to a hard polyurethane coating but offers excellent resistance to spills. It’s strongest point, in my view, is it’s ease of use. They say full cure in 7 days, during which time it is subject to scuffing…which isn’t the end of the world.