Design rules for x types of flooring?

Q: My bottom floor plan is open (dining and family room together, living room separated by half wall and no wall to kitchen.) The kitchen and walk way are tiled, while the rest is carpet. We are about to replace the carpet and I am thinking wood (on a concrete slab so I am leaning toward laminate.) The stairs will remain carpet. Is this an uncommon design.. wood and tile on one floor with carpeted stairs?

Are there any design rules, such as only 2 types of flooring per level? Or am I just paranoid?

A: I think you are just being paranoid.:) It is very common to have hardwood match up to both carpet and tile, and special reducers exist to help accommodate both. For a floor to be installed on a concrete slab, I would recommend either Mirage engineered, any Torly’s or Uniclick product.

Note from webmaster: Tone is more important… if you have red hardwood, blue tiles, and peach carpet it may be a little weird;) Stick to neutrals along the same tone, imo. The different textures will actually add some richness to the whole level.