Types of finishes

Q: I have just finished installing my oak strip flooring and am looking into the types of finishes. So far it’s between Waterlox or Minwax Polyurethane. The thing is that I am looking for a finish that will allow my floor to keep its light, natural hue, rather then giving it a golden / tan / yellow coloring that would take effect with these types of finishes.

What would you recommend as to using to allow my oak flooring to keep its natural white color?

A: In that case, you are best to use a good quality water borne finish. I can name a few: Bona Kemi Traffic, Mega. Basic Coatings Street Shoe, Hydroline, Dura Seal 2000, or X-Terra. Personally, I don’t like waterborne finishes. I don’t like the look. They can be risky to deal with and difficult to apply. Make sure you read the MSDS. I would go with the Waterlox, but that is just me.