Kit #30-0002 Snap Off Screws squeaky floors

Q: Do the snap-off screws in kit # 30-0002 actually pull down and tighten the floorboard to the joist or simply keep the two components from touching?

A: I haven’t seen these screws in some time. They used to be sold with a drill attachment by Home Depot here. One of my customers used it on his squeaky floors and it did help. It pulls the sub floor and top floor against each other, and then together pulls both down to the joist.

Related Q: Can I use the snap-off screws in kit #30-0002 on my laminate wood flooring?

A: I suppose you could if you wanted to totally secure one of the panels. The floor is suppose to float though.

Note from Webmaster: the tongue-in-cheek “Snap Off Screws Squeaky Floors” title is my idea, not our flooring expert’s idea. My apologies if it offends anyone!