Scratches on floor from moving furniture

Q: I have scratches on my wood floors from moving furniture. Without getting them refinished again, is there anything I can do to buff them out?

A: If it is scratched on just the surface of the coating, you could buff with fine abrasive (sandpaper or steel wool) the entire board(s) affected and brush on a thin coat of finish.

Chest of drawers scratched 3 ft of finish on hardwood floors

Similar¬†Q: We were moving a chest of drawers across Swedish hardwood floors. Someone didn’t lift their end up enough and it dragged across my floor for about 3 feet leaving a streak. It took off the finish and did not crease the wood. How do I repair that streak?

A: If by ‘Swedish’ floor you mean a wooden floor finished with Swedish or ‘acid cure’ polyurethane then you will need to use the same type of finish for touch up. Buff down with fine sandpaper the affected boards, remove the dust and apply a thin coat. If this is a factor finished floor, I would suggest contacting the manufacturer.

Something heavy was dragged across our floor

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: Something heavy was dragged across our beautiful oak floor and left a mark. Could you recommend a simple method of fixing this? 

A: It depends on what the damage is. If it is a scuff, confined to a couple of boards, you may get lucky and be able to just lightly abrade or sand with a fine abrasive those boards only, and brush a coat of the same finish on. If it is larger, you may find it just as well to have the entire room buffed and recoated.

If there is an actual impression left in the wood, there may be no way short of sanding the floor to get rid of it. If that is the case, I would try a lesser extreme first. Buff and recoat the floor with a satin polyurethane, since the low shine will work to hide imperfections.

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