Dip in cement causing seam in laminate floor

Q: I installed a K****** laminate floor. There is a pretty nasty seam in the middle of the floor where the tongue and groove have pulled apart. The reason is that a slight dip in the cement floor that we considered insignificant during installation took a toll on that junction with all the traffic through the room.

Is there a way to fix that seam without ripping up the entire floor?

A: I’m not familiar with this particular product. Seems odd that the joint would pull apart like that. What if you remove the quarter round along the side wall and using a tool for laminate flooring called a “side and end wall puller” move the entire floor back over. I mean, for this joint to open up, the entire floor must have moved toward the wall. Torly’s also makes a tool you can attach to the face of a panel in the middle of the room to move it. You may want to contact them as to where to get one of these. www.torlys.com.