Air bubbles

Q: I have just sanded doing the 36, 50, and 80 grit. I stained it as well. However, when I rolled the first coat of oil based polyurethane I got bubbles everywhere.

Is there a way to get rid of the bubbles with out re-renting a buffer, etc.?

A: You can always strap on a good set of knee pads and rub the floor down with fine sandpaper or steel wool. Some finishes don’t roll well, and you may have injected air into the finish. Also, if it is too hot or too dry in the room, or if you have a lot of air movement across the floor initially, the finish may not have time to flow/level, so it will set up too fast. Bubbles can be one result. Also, make sure you stir, but don’t shake the can of finish.