When should I move my furniture back

Q: When should I move my furniture back on my newly stained hardwood floor?

A: This is something you should be asking the company that stained and finished your floor. Obviously, when the finish is dry. Different finishes cure at different rates and under various conditions. Generally, overnight at least, and with great care, but waiting a day or 2 is better. No area rugs for a couple of weeks, and felt pads under all furniture legs.

Similar Q: I applied pro finisher gloss, water base. It is 63 degrees out with 61% humidity. Two questions: 1) How long before it can be walked on with shoes? and 2) How long before I can put thick brown paper on top to protect it while I move in all my furniture (high traffic move)?

A: I have not used this product. Water based coating generally dry in an hour or two. Once dry, you can walk on it with shoes. These types of coatings still take anywhere from several days to a week or two to fully cure. You should be okay to place furniture back the next day. Don’t drag anything. I would be careful laying down paper, carpets, etc. for a couple of weeks if you intend to leave that paper down for any length of time. Most of this info should be on the jug the product came in.