Living with defective floors

Q: The laminate flooring we purchased was defective in the sense that there seems to be no finish coat on it. Residue, like the underside color, comes off on the tips of the kids shoes socks and any cloth used to clean it. The store did replace it (not from the same manufacturer). The problem we are having now is they would not install it. As it is to late in the year for us to do it ourselves, can a finish be put on it until we have time to install the new floor?

A: I am not aware of any product designed to be applied as a coating on hard surface laminate flooring. No doubt because you couldn’t gain adhesion. Given the poor quality of that floor you purchased, I don’t think I would spend a dime on it. Live with it until that happy day when you can make it go away. I haven’t worked with many of these floors, but the product I always recommend would be Torly’s/Quick-Step Uniclic.,