Working around kitchen cabinents

Q: I am getting ready to install 3/4″ tongue and groove flooring in my kitchen where a remodel is being completed. The cabinets are staying so I am interested in how to secure the flooring that will be under their recessed toe kick area. There is not enough room to surface nail them or use a floor nailer.

How will I accomplish this?

A: If you are working on a plywood base, you could glue the pieces in. You will have to wedge the board in place to hold it until the adhesive dries.

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  1. Note from webmaster:

    Someone commented “it’s better to lift the cabinets,” but the person submitting the question is set on a short cut (“the cabinets are staying”), and they wanted to verify a way around it. Of course, if you can cover the entire floor, that’s better.

    When I had my kitchen done, the floor was installed before the cabinets. If anyone reading this is set on doing that, just be sure special care is taken when installing the cabinets. If the floors are not protected, and the cabinet installers aren’t careful, you can end up with dents and scratches all over your new floor.

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