Q: We have a 3000 sq. foot hard wood dance floor (we think it’s oak, but not sure). We are looking at a Minwax polyurethane water based clear finish. We are doing this job ourselves, sanding, sealing and finishing. We want to know which of their four options is the best for us to use; matt, satin, semi gloss or clear high glass.

Please keep in mind we want to end up with the most durable, the best looking, the least slippery and the longest lasting finish. Please also keep in mind, this is a high traffic, commercial use dance floor used 7 days a week.

A: If you are doing this job yourself, professional work, and using minwax water borne, then you do not really want the best job, most durable finish. These products are for home owners and DIY people, not professionals. If you want a professional job, call a pro.