Choosing a finish

Q: I am getting ready to refinish my hardwood floors and stairs. They are both mahogany. They were originally waxed and had a dark brown patina too them. About 10 yrs ago we stripped the floors and sanded and then finished with varathane. This has not held up well peeled and cracked in spots.

I assume this is due to the wax that can hide in the pores and in the sides of the slats.

I am debating whether to just remove the varathane and re-wax, but don’t really want to have to re-wax each year. I was also considering maybe a tung oil finish. I have 3 big dogs that are in and out of the house all day long.

What would you suggest for the finish. As I have heard that since the floors were previously wax no top sealer such as varathane or polyurethane would probably stick. And we would always have problems of cloudiness or peeling finish.

A: Waterlox. Fantastic finish. Easy to use. Easy to care for and re coat.