Where to buy flooring

Q: My daughter lives in Toronto and has purchased the ******* from a big box store. It amounted to almost $10,000 of material. Recently she has had to make the decision to move to another studio space. She is allowed to pull the floor up and move it to the other location. However I would like to know if that is possible.

What I understand is the joint is pre-glued with a self-activating glue that bonds to create a “double lock”. Therefore is it feasible and doable to lift the floor by cutting (i.e. with a circular saw) and piecing it together at the new location. Or will she just have a lot of work to end up with a poorly fitting floor at the new location.

A: I’m sorry, but I am not familiar with this product. If, as you say, there is a self activating adhesive in play, forget about removing the flooring. You could always try removing a panel along the wall to see if it comes free, but it doesn’t sound promising.

I don’t generally recommend people spend that kind of money on flooring from the big box stores, preferring to go to establishments that specialize in flooring only. If you daughter had asked me, I would have recommended Torly’s/Uniclic, www.torlys.com, which are likely first in their class, offer perfect joints that can be taken apart and re assembled 3 times.I wish I had more to offer in advice, but the best I can do is found in my first suggestion.