Tacky gym floor

Q: We have a gym floor that we refinish (oil based product) every year around Christmas. We are having troubles with it being very slick right now (basketball games and practice for a month and a half before we can re-finish). We have cleaned several times with a very fine scrubber (very low abrasive) but it really doesn’t help too much. We try cleaners that are not to leave a residue and also used wet towels on dry-mops. Nothing is working.

My question is, is there a product that we could add to something that would restore the tackiness? It can actually be quite dangerous.

A: It sounds like you may have some type of contamination on the surface of the finish. It could be something as simple as oils from a persons skin. Best cleaner I am aware of for surface coats is Bona Pacific floor cleaner, made by Bona Kemi.

Related Q: We have just had a new wood floor installed in our gymnasium. Is the Poloplaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner the best product for my staff to be using on it?

A: Sure. I think they are all very similar products, those from Bona, Mirage, Basic Coatings and Poloplaz. A five gallon pail is fairly inexpensive.