Skin on wood floors and holes

Q: The wood floor in the home I purchased is about 20 years old. There are multiple places where the wood has simply “collapsed” as though there were a thin top layer of wood with space underneath that caved in/broke through, holes following the grain from 1/16 x 2 to 1/2 x 3 inch in size, and in most cases definitely not from loosened knots.

The floor appears to be quite an amateur job, and I wondered if it could be simply poor quality wood, or termites, or some other problem. I simply cannot imagine a solid wooden plank caving in!

A: If you are telling me there is like a skin on the top of your floors and when you press on it it breaks and reveals tunnels…then, I would suggest you get a professional in to have a look. That does sound like termites. Not to be messed with.