Log home

Q: We have a log home, with log walls on the inside. We currently have carpeting, but want to change to either laminate or hardwood floors. We have 2 puppies and occasionally they have an accident. What would you suggest?

And should we try to match the color of the flooring to the walls or have a contrast?

A: I would think any earth tones would work well in your home. You don’t have to go dark. Polyurethane is very good at pet accidents. but I have recently used a product that is really knocking my socks off. It is called Waterlox. It is a combination of tung oil and resins that really penetrates into the wood, but does build a film. Very water resistant and easy to care for. check it out. and today, I stained a large pine floor using a 4:1 Waterlox, stain mix. It was sensational. I think this may be the best product for you.