Finish an existing unfinished hardwood floor ourselves?

Q: I am interested in knowing how I can finish an existing unfinished hardwood floor in the entry hall of my home. We had planned to buy the interlocking new wood floor system and do it ourselves. How difficult would it be to finish the existing original hardwood floor which is already there?

Also, a few drops if white paint were spilled on it during renovation and we weren’t worried about it since we originally planned to cover it anyway but, have now changed our minds.

A: Generally sanding and finishing a wood floor is a professional project requiring professional equipment and expertise. Most of the tools we use, cannot be rented. However, if this is a very small area, you may be able to struggle through with a small belt sander and orbital sander. This still represents an investment in equipment of $400-$500 for those 2 tools, if you get something decent. Remember, however, that some of the old coatings contained a high degree of metals and you would be wise not to breathe that in.