No toxic off gassing?

Q: I am searching for a manufacturer that produces wood floors with no formaldehyde, Low VOC, non-toxic preservatives, using coats like oxide/polyurethane. In summary, a natural, non-toxic, ecological/green product. I found, but they only sell bamboo.

If it would be great if you could send me a list of brand names.

A: Such a question came up with one of my customers and I got a favourable response from this company both in responsible forestry for their products and in there being no toxic off gassing from their finishes:

Related Q: I had my oak floors sanded, and a coat of OIL based polyurethane. It is off gassing bad stuff? How can I stop the off gassing? The floor was done in Jan 2010.

A: Off-gassing is the process of releasing the solvent in the coating as it dries. This process takes, generally 24 hours. I think the source of your concern must be from another source. If solvents were being released from your floor now, months later the finish would likely be soft and possibly sticky.