Gap between threshold and floor

Q: I just had engineered wood floor installed (glue down method), and there is a gap between the threshold of the front door and the wood planks in the house.

The planks (yes, they’ve been floated) are not level with the brass/metal threshold of the front door, as there is a slight grade difference between the two surfaces. What is the best way to resolve?

A: Perhaps a matching filler/caulking is the answer. I was left a bit confused because in one sentence you said the floor was glued down, and then in the next said it was floated.

Follow-up Q: I will go with a filler. I had meant that the floor was floated but after that dried, we glued down the wood strips (the floor had slight cupping and was uneven).

A: A nice filler/caulking is color-rite. Comes in hundreds of colours. Easy to use. Multiple applications.

Similar Q: I am installing 5″X5/8″ engineered wood flooring. The problem I am faced with is the threshold at the sliding glass doors. The wood is running parallel to the sliders. The slider width is approx 12′. My last cut (rip) will be approx. 3″ to which the baby threshold should sit, with the foot of the threshold resting on the interior top edge of the slider track, and the top of the threshold secured to the top of the floor. The problem is that the last 2″ of the slab slope downward by about 1/8″ at the point where the concrete meets the top edge of the slider track (the interior side of the track is the form for the concrete). The floor running parallel now extends directly over the slope, therefore when I place the threshold on top of the wood the foot of the threshold no longer touches the concrete. It sits above the slab/interior track edge by about 3/8″. I spoke to the distributor and was told that is the only threshold that can be used. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix the gap between the threshold face/foot and the slab? Would a reducer work?

I know it sounds like a lot of info. Basically, the threshold drops on top of the wood the entire length of the sliding glass door assembly, and the front side of the threshold does not touch the slab because the wood cannot slope down at that point. Do I shim it and fill the space, and if so, with what?

A: I would simply take up the dip with PL Premium polyurethane adhesive. It is nice and thick and when it all dries it will feel like concrete.

Related Q: We just installed laminate wood flooring. We put the threshold on where the wood meets tile. But how do we make it so you don’t see a gap from one piece to the next (where a piece of threshold meets another piece of threshold)?

A: If this is a tiny gap, you can get a tube of acrylic filler. ColorRite comes in hundreds of colors and is easy to use.