Q: I am doing a kitchen remodel. The contractor glued bamboo wood flooring to 1×6 subfloor. The color of the floor was wrong. It is being removed now, leaving large divots in the subfloor from the glue pull up. Does the subfloor need to be replaced or can it be filled during the installation of the right flooring?

A: 1 X 6 what? If you are going to install a nail down product, get the sub floor as flat as possible by removing excess adhesive, grinding down any ridges and if you have severe dips, you could fill it with a patching compound.

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  1. Follow-up Q: The subfloor is either pine or fir and it is actually 2×6. The contractor is going to do glue down again.

    A: I would definitely screw 3/8 sheeting down. It gives a better, continuous surface.

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