Cut back existing treads

Q: For installing hardwood on stairs, the nose profiles that I saw have the groove. That means that if I start from the nose, I will only have access to the groove end of the strips. The nailer I believe nails on the tongue edge. So how would you nail the strips down once you have the nose glued/nailed?

Or do you mean that I should start installing from the riser of the bottom tread up to the nose, and install the nose with glue and face nails?

A: If installing hardwood flooring on steps, all the existing overhangs on the existing treads have to be cut back, flush with the riser below. I would definitely start on the bottom riser at the floor line. You will likely have to rip the last or top board so it is flush with the top of the existing tread. Then install the nosing. If this is 3/4 thick, you can get a spline to insert into the groove on the back edge of the nosing. Glue it in place then bring your first board on the tread up flush against the nosing. A bit of glue would not hurt either. In fact, the nosings should all be glued, as well as the first board. then install up to the next riser, then install the second riser as the first and so on.